I’m With Her | A Drop the Disorder Film
Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (Full Film)
Source: Rusted Spoke Productions and Netflix
Psychiatric Survivors: Interview with Judi Chamberlin Part 2
Source: White LIght Communications
Howie The Harp on Being Unhoused
Source: RxChange
ADAPT v AHCA Las Vegas 1994 
Source: ADAPT
Rodney Bell | Sins Invalid Performance 2008
I spent a day with PSYCH WARD SURVIVORS
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Psychiatric Survivors: Interview with Judi Chamberlin Part 1
Source: White LIght Communications
Intersections of Disability Justice and Transformative Justice
Elliott Fukui and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Capitol Crawl (1990)
Source: ADAPT
Psychiatric Survivors Speak Out
Source: RxChange
Sanah Ahsan | Decolonising Distress A Poem
Psychiatric Survivor Protest Smith Kline & French
Source: Pat Deegan and Associates LLC
The voices in my head | TED | Eleanor Longden
Judi Chamberlin: Her Life, Our Movement
Source: Recovery and Hope
Robert Whitaker On Rethinking Psychiatry To Address Mental Health Issues
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Official 55 STEPS Trailer
Abolish all prisons? | Angela Davis
Ruth E Dixon – Madness Meds
Source: A Disorder for Everyone
Official Medicating Normal Trailer
A Brief But Spectacular take on the disability rights movement
Source: PBS News Hour
Interview with Bonnie Burstow | Feminism and Anti-Psychiatry
Official Mad to Be Normal Trailer
Introducing Mad People’s History
Source: Chang School
Hearing Our Voices, Seeing Our Visions 7th Alternatives Conference 1991
Source: White Light Communications
Why Celebrate Mad Pride?
Source: Recovery Mental Health
Anita Dias | And the Psych Ward Says
Issa Ibrahim | The Time Traveler
UN Rally with psychiatric survivors
James and the Disorders | Bad Things Happen 2020
Hearing Voices Others Can’t | NBC News
Judi Chamberlin: Psychiatric Survivor Movement | Madness Radio
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Ableism is The Bane of My Motherfuckin’ Existence
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Mad Pride In Paris | AJ+
Official The Blood is at the Doorstep Trailer
From Asylums to Recovery
Source: Mental Health America
Howie The Harp | Advocacy
Official Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché Trailer
Psychiatric Survivors: Interview George Ebert
Source: White Light Communications
Voices for Choices: Fighting for Human Rights in Mental Health | MindFreedom International
Presenting the consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement
Source: Chang School