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While gifts and grants from pharmaceutical companies comprised only about 25% of NAMI’s total donations, those same corporations made up 46% of the overall donor list. Meanwhile, Big Pharma accounted for 65% of those who donated more than once in 2020, and 100% of those who donated more than two times. Additionally, 75% of the pharmaceutical companies that donated last year also donated the year prior as compared to around 18% of non-Pharma donors who were repeats from 2019.

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The Killing of Susan Kelly

Silencing her questioning stream of daily chatter, her ballet dreams. In her, innocence she had spoken for me, muted and crashed by endless sizzlings. Inches away, I did not hear her silent call As she slipped into death’s embrace.

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I don’t know what the clinical definition of mania is but sometimes my eyes are diamond mine fields a fuse away from blowing up. Just a wink of my Wet and Wild glimmer lashes piled into barbed wire barricades and boom!

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Vitamin D and 15 Minutes in the Sun

I think it was the third day. There was a nurse that volunteered a few times a week to host groups and workshops with patients in the psych ward.

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Art by: Tanya Temkin

Image Description: A drawing of a sun and moon with faces and a hand in the center with an open eyeball in the palm.

As well as a person intended to be a mad woman breaking free from a straight jacket raising a fist in the air and screaming.

Text reads Madness Network News a multimedia platform of the psychiatric survivor/mad/psychiatric abolitionist movement.
Art by: Emily Hochman

Image Description: person wearing a ski mask holding bolt cutters.