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Anti-Psychiatry vs Psychiatric Abolition

Anti-psychiatry removed itself from other radical struggles, like prison abolition and crip liberation, choosing instead to appeal to those in ‘respectable’ professional and intellectual circles. In contrast, psychiatric abolition is built on the deep and eternal ties of solidarity between mad and other oppressed people across the world. We never wanted the support of respectable society.

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Care Not Court: An Interview with CAMHPRO

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom is proposing an Orwellian solution to homelessness and the “mental health” crisis. CARE Court will vastly increase forced treatment throughout the state, and the legislation has been widely criticized by housing, disability, and human rights advocates, including Disability Rights California, the Western Regional Advocacy Project, the ACLU California Action, and Human Rights Watch.

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Mad femmes glitching: a conversation on Being

You know, it is. I think connecting these two existences together, this dystopian satire and this dystopian absurdness of it. And (and) I feel like it’s very easy to see the dystopian nature of I think it is equally important to observe and witness the absurd nature of it, right? Because sometimes chaos doesn’t make sense. And like, it produces really strange experiences and collisions, historically, culturally, and personally. I don’t know if I said this to you recently, but like to me, grief and joy exist right next to each other. Grief is a state that you can feel a bunch of things and it can be a bunch of things. These states can express how you are being, like joyfully sad, joyfully angry, or even joyfully rageful. And those two states circling each other – grief and joy – is madness. Everything exists in that. And sometimes joy is like this humorous satire of absurdity and you’re like “What the fuck?” And you’re laughing, right? Like, it’s so horrific.

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The Mad Have Wings

On the walls, in the scrawls, our mad voices bleed, our heads break and our brains scatter and splatter
back against the medical records, horror’s paint.

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Art by: Tanya Temkin

Image Description: A drawing of a sun and moon with faces and a hand in the center with an open eyeball in the palm.

As well as a person intended to be a mad woman breaking free from a straight jacket raising a fist in the air and screaming.

Text reads Madness Network News a multimedia platform of the psychiatric survivor/mad/psychiatric abolitionist movement.
Art by: Emily Hochman

Image Description: person wearing a ski mask holding bolt cutters.