Welcome to Madness Network News

In November 1971 Jennifer Gleissner and Tullia Tesauro met each other as patients at Agnews State Hospital. Together they founded the anti-psychiatry journal Madness Network News in 1972. From 1976 to its demise in 1986, the journal was written, edited, and produced entirely by psychiatric survivors. In addition to its role in inspiring ex-psychiatric inmates to take political action, it also served as a place where people could truthfully write about their experiences as mad people and survivors of psychiatric oppression.  

Finally, after 34 years the revival of the underground psychiatric survivor newsletter has come to fruition. We at madnessnetworknews.com are currently compiling the original newsletters to post and share as a historical archive. We are also retyping each newsletter and remastering the art to offer an alternative and accessible blog format. Beyond the preservation of Madness Network News historically, we are also preserving its integrity as an autonomous entity that has no affiliation with any institution, system, company, or organization.

What you can expect from the return of Madness Network News is a communication network sharing personal and academic articles, hosting events, visual art, poetry, calls to action, videos, podcasts, and much more. Our website is currently under development but expects more to come soon!

If you have any inquiries at this time please email: vesper.moore@outlook.com

Original Art by: L. Mayo 1975
(“Women & Madness” on cover of Madness Network News Vol. 3 No. 6 Remastered image with logo by © 2020 madnessnetworknews.com)