Image description: a pen and ink drawing of a masked person using a wheelchair. The person is wearing a black beanie and a button up shirt. Holding both hands up. Text reads It isn’t prison or police abolition without…PSYCHIATRIC ABOLITION.

Art By: Emily Hochman
“Let It Out” 
Art By: Emily Hochman
Image Description: Drawing of four people in a psychiatric institution hall way. One person sitting on the floor. Another person clawing at a window and the other two are sitting on a bench all of them appear to be in distress. On the wall across from them their shadows are dancing energetically. Text below image reads eighth International Conference on Human Rights and Psychiatric Oppression May 2-6, 1980, Berkley, Ca.

Art By: Tanya Temkin


Have you ever thought you were going “crazy?” Or maybe people call you “crazy” for how you connect, experience and/or understand the world? Maybe your experiences have been profoundly spiritual and meaningful? If so, you may have also seen how the “help” you receive is all too often dehumanizing and inaccessible. You may have seen how often “help” is delivered through a pill or syringe along with the underlying message that you, the “patient” or “client,” are “mentally ill” and no longer valid or “competent.” What if we told you that what the Mental Health Industrial Complex (MHIC) calls “mental illness” is more so a tool for social control than it is a helpful way of understanding our distress.

What if you not only had the freedom to denounce the label of “mental illness” but also the right to claim or reclaim an identity you feel best defines your experiences? That instead of following an industry that profits off of our states of being and oppresses us, you could actually fight the status quo and work to abolish the very systems that incarcerate our minds and bodies?

Welcome to Madness Network News: a network of mad, neurodivergent, disabled psychiatric survivors who are dedicated to a common mission of liberating ourselves from psychiatric oppression.

“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.”

― Angela Davis

Madness Network News

Madness Network News is dedicated to the interchange of energy and support of psychiatric survivors, mad, disabled, and neurodivergent people. Our work is rooted in psychiatric abolition, disability justice, and mad liberation movements. We are dedicated to fighting against psychiatric oppression and violence everywhere. We celebrate mad identities and the freedom to explore our inner/altered states. Our work is rooted in intersectional struggles for liberation and the fight against systemic oppression.

Image Description: A drawing of a woman standing on a snake with flower pedals behind her and a text that reads women and madness.

“All extremes of feeling are allied with madness.”

Virginia Woolf

Image Description: Drawing of an executive from a pharmaceutical company holding money and next to him a doctor with a syringe. The text below them reads to hell with their profits stop forced drugging of psychiatric inmates! Just below this text is a drawing of people rising up in protest.